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The Restaurex Group of companies owns and operates a network of brand name quick service and fast casual restaurants in north america





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Job Description

 • Exhibits a cheerful and helpful manner while greeting guests and preparing their orders.

 • Demonstrates a complete understanding of menu items and explains them to guests accurately. 

 • Uses Point of Sale system/cash register to record the order and compute the amount of the bill. Collects payment from guests and makes change. 

 • Performs Cash-In Procedure- accounting for all forms of money, bread, etc., during the shift.

 • Prepares food neatly, according to formula, and in a timely manner.

 • Checks products in sandwich unit area and restocks items to ensure a sufficient supply throughout the shift.

 • Understands and adheres to proper food handling, safety and sanitation standards during food preparation, service and clean up.

 • Cleans and maintains all areas of the restaurant to promote a clean image. Understands and adheres to the 3-step method for cleaning.

 • Understands and adheres to all quality standards, formulas and procedures as outlined in the Subway® Operations Manual.

 • Maintains a professional appearance and grooming standards as outlined in the Subway® Operations Manual.

 • Performs light paperwork duties as assigned.

 • Completes University of Subway®courses as directed

Prevaling Wage